2013 SBK TAIWAN WEEKEND Publish Date: 2013.11.06


" Hong Kong and Taiwan Central Taiwan 5th trip " organized by the SBK ring after every successful activities in Taiwan , has entered its fifth Hello ! Every time a friend of activities between Hong Kong and the Mainland, Taiwan and more love and passion for this beautiful warm sunny island ! !

The occasion of the re- autumn , cool weather riding fun from the car to also special ! Everyone who march forth from Taipei , all the way south ! Along the coastal line ㄧ road from Taipei, Ilan , Hualien ㄧ until the border of the South "Kenting " ! Golden sunset along with the transfer of the blue waves skyline is beautiful scenery in Taiwan !

In order to strengthen the old knights not recognizable , are tied in the rear is not the old knight fluorescent yellow cloth, we added a touching and inspiring travel unity and solidarity !

This rare is increased horsewoman , physical and technical riders are not lost to other men ! I believe playing car is gender-neutral -

Activities can be more successful and smooth, behind the big hero is the SBK 's S9 Bluetooth headset equipped with S6 , each ㄧ bit faithful car , team leader , team press officer always remind road guide and progress with the car .

Also very grateful to participate along the Taiwan Blood Knight rans , and support for SBK 's ! Regardless of cars, regardless of the year , regardless of age, we all love to ride riders ! Have the opportunity to travel to ride , play car exchange experiences together to create the best memories of playing with cars ! It also participate in the " Tour de Taiwan Hong Kong and Taiwan 5th " best place we are all car , playful , love to enjoy food without the old knight , even motorcycle tired , and occasionally there are poor weather conditions , his face still is a smile !

Look forward to next year 's more exciting , " 2014 SBK TAIWAN WEEKEND "